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Delivery & Claims


Rely on Zeta Parts to provide delivery of JCB spare parts, MANITOU parts, VOLVO parts, CATERPILLAR parts, HIDROMEK parts and PERKINS parts, documents, parcels, pallets or cargo loads to over 200 countries worldwide express (48-72h) if the kilograms allow or standard (5-10 days).

Important: Delivery time starts from the next business day after crediting the entire amount to the Zeta parts account. In order for it to be processed as quickly as possible, please provide a reason to indicate the document number. Each request is serviced by a specific employee. We assure you that all parts leave the Zeta Parts warehouse with undamaged packaging and integrity. If you wish, you could take out additional fragility insurance.

Zeta Parts does not accept complaints in connection with events that occur during loading and unloading activities and transportation of goods.


In case of a complaint regarding the spare part purchased from us, please notify us. Zeta Parts replaces or returns the amount for a defective product, as long as it is not installed on a machine, there are no visible traces of its use, etc. (more detailed information can be found in the General Terms and Conditions section). The philosophy of Zeta Parts is to provide our customers with quality and reliable products, while timely reducing our relationships with our suppliers, providing us with poor quality spare parts.

To file a complaint, it is necessary to attach an invoice, goods receipt, delivery report, proof of payment, bill of lading and all other documents proving the purchase of Zeta Parts, as well as to fill in the complaint form no later than 48 hours after receipt of the goods. If the deadline is overdue, Zeta Parts has the right to refuse to accept your complaint.

Zeta Parts is obliged to enter your complaint in the register of complaints, regardless of whether it considers it justified or not, and to send an outgoing number and date with which to track the movement of its status.

If Zeta Parts accepts that your complaint is justified, it must repair the product or replace it with a new one within one month. The one-month period starts from the date of filing the complaint.

The part is sent to Zeta’s warehouse at the expense of the sender.

If Zeta Parts does not bring the goods in line with the contract within a month, you have the right to claim a refund of the amount paid by you or a deduction from the price of the goods.

You cannot claim a refund if the non-conformity of the purchased goods is insignificant.

Zeta Parts does not cover warranties for fragility or damaged packaging. Claims in this regard are addressed to courier companies.

This warranty only covers the replacement of parts or components that have shown any manufacturing defect.

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